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UberTwitter beta arrives on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

UberTwitter for iPhoneUberTwitter, the definitive BlackBerry Twitter app, has finally made the leap to iOS. The app bears the beta moniker, but Engadget seems to think that the final release will be as soon as December.

UberTwitter, other than being a very polished app, only really has one unique feature: UberView (please forgive my continuing lack of umlauts). UberView, with a quick flick of the phone into landscape orientation, shows you a preview of links contained in tweets -- handy for when you don't want to open up a browser, or indeed expose your iDevice to potentially malicious websites.

Other than that, UberTwitter for iOS provides the usual slew of Twitter miscellany: tweet pictures, add your location, change your avatar, send Direct Messages (!!!) and more.

UberTwitter for iOS [iTunes] -- Free


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