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TeamViewer 6 for Android now available

Just last week, the Teamviewer 6 beta arrived for Windows users. With the arrival of my first Android device in the mail, I had hoped it wouldn't be too long before the crew released a beta for Android -- and today my waiting as at an end. Teamviewer is now available for installation on your Android device, and it's a welcome addition to my remote support arsenal.

Functionality is every bit as good as the iOS version I looked at a while back -- in fact, I even wrote part of this post on my Windows 7 laptop via my Droid using TeamViewer. Mouse control is smooth, zooming and changing the remote desktop's screen resolution is a breeze, and the UI includes buttons for sending specials keys like Windows, control, and alt. It's much easier to manage a 23" inch desktop via a 4" mobile screen than you would think using TeamViewer for Android.

We'll have a full review once TeamViewer 6 becomes available in the Market. Check out additional images of the beta in action after the break!

Thanks to Sebastian for the screenshots -- apparently I need to go have a quick shower.

Download TeamViewer 6 Beta for Android

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