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RIM bans Kik messaging app from App World over contract breach

kik blackberry messengerKik, the hot new messaging app that racked up a million users in a couple of weeks and then got called out for covertly harvesting users' contacts, has now been completely banned from RIM's BlackBerry App World. RIM announced it was booting Kik over "breached contractual obligations," and that it has terminated all agreements with Kik and stopped supporting the service.

As our sister site Engadget points out, RIM didn't provide much detail about what Kik did wrong. Either the contact harvesting violated a privacy agreement in the RIM/Kik contract, or Kik's app came too close to mimicking RIM's own BlackBerry Messenger service.

Kik hasn't explained much either,
only confirming that they've been blocked from using the BlackBerry SDK and using push notifications on BlackBerry devices. That essentially cripples any further development of Kik on the BlackBerry platform.

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