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Momiga is an extremely minimalistic, fun Time Waster


Yes, that's an actual screenshot up there, not an error. That's what Momiga looks like!

One dot, one button (the left mouse button, or SPACE on the keyboard), and one cute "beep" sound. That's all you get. This is probably the most bare-bones time-waster we've ever published, but it's awesome just for that.

You have to get the dot from one end of the screen to the other. The dot's starting position signifies your progress through the levels of the game. As you can see in the screenshot, the dot is quite high, so I'm fairly well advanced in the game.

On every level, your input affects the dot in a slightly different way. Sometimes your click launches the dot very forcefully, so you have to be careful. On other levels, the click causes the dot to levitate, so you have to keep clicking so that the dot doesn't crash at the bottom of the level (but don't click too fast, or it would go out the top).

It's a short time waster, but it's a fascinating one. The level on the screenshot is very frustrating, but all of the other ones were fun, and fairly easy to pass.

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