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Adobe releases single-file cumulative patch for Acrobat 9

Yes, Acrobat and Flash are two of the most-exploited pieces of software out there today, but Adobe has done a much better job of responding to security concerns in 2010. Patches are more frequent, and major improvements have been rolled out -- like the sandboxing which was added in Acrobat and Reader X.

Still, there are always people who can't -- for one reason or another -- install an update like Reader X. Adobe recognizes that, and they've decided to make it easy for administrators to deliver all the necessary patches for Acrobat 9 in one fell swoop. The single file patch currently includes 12 updates for version 9, and Adobe's Joel Geraci states that the company will add any future updates to the file. The company plans on offering the same type of patch file for Reader X.

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