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Future Ubuntu bumps could be a daily occurrence

We're getting used to software developers releasing early and iterating often. Web browsers are perhaps the best example, with Google, Mozilla, and Opera dropping bleeding-edge snapshots like so many quarters into a one-armed bandit. Operating systems, however, are another story.

Canonical is looking to change that, and frontman Mark Shuttleworth thinks that you may see Ubuntu pushing things in a similar direction. "Today we have a six-month release cycle," Shuttleworth said. "In an internet-oriented world, we need to be able to release something every day," he told The Register. This would go beyond the package updates Ubuntu users -- and Linux users in general -- are used to receiving via their package manager. Major new features, subtle UI changes, or new core applications like the recently-added Shotwell photo manager could be delivered piping hot, fresh from the development teams working on a particular aspect of Ubuntu.

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