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TuneCrank lets you listen to independent music and rank it


TuneCrank is another crack at a familiar problem: How do you make people listen to unfamiliar independent artists, and help the good stuff float to the top?

Uvumi tries to do this, and so does Bandcamp in a completely different take. TuneCrank is yet another attempt, with a stress on bare-bones simplicity and minimalism. It's basically just a player with "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons, and a third button that looks like the ever popular "rock hands." There are no genre tags; the playlist at the front page has hip-hop, indie, elecronica, and more – it's a whole mush of styles. The most voted tracks float to the top.

I like the visual simplicity – it's reminiscent of Muxtape, but sadly, not as chic.

You can filter by artist, and the service appears to have around 150 artists or so. It's not the best online music experience by a long shot (not for the artist, nor for the listener), but who knows – you might find something you like right on the front page.

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