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Skyfire 3.0 for Android integrates Facebook into your browsing experience

Skyfire already has over two million users on Android, and version 3.0 takes the browser's SkyBar to the next level -- by fully integrating Facebook into it. As a result, your mobile browsing experience can easily get social.

The SkyBar is an icon-based toolbar that you can toggle by hitting your phone's Menu button. In it you will find:
  • a video button -- this works like before: when the page you're on has a Flash video that Skyfire can convert and play for you, this button becomes clickable; once you click on it, the video will start playing
  • a Facebook button -- this quickly lets you access your Facebook in an overlay, no matter what site you're currently visiting
  • the Fireplace Feed Reader button -- this provides a filtered list from your Facebook feed; the list only includes links to browsable pages, images, and videos posted by your Facebook friends
  • the Popular button -- this will show you what other Facebook users are reading on the site you're currently on: for example, say you've just finished reading an article on Download Squad; hitting this button will show you what other posts are most popular right now with Facebook users; note that this takes into account all of Facebook's 500 million+ users and not just your friends, however, recommendations from your friends are prioritized and show up at the top of the list
  • last, but definitely not least, is the Like button -- this effectively lets you 'like' any page, without the need to hunt for the placement of the Facebook Like button on that particular site; Skyfire gives you a Like button for the entire Web; using this button you can also share a page on Facebook, Twitter, via email or messaging
Skyfire's search functionality has also been overhauled. Now whenever you search for something, Google results are the default ones shown, but you can easily switch to results from your Facebook friends, or find videos, tweets, trends or products, using another icon-based toolbar that shows up just above the page content.

A demo video that showcases the new functionality in Skyfire 3.0 is available after the jump.

Skyfire 3.0 for Android is now available in the Android Market. To use it, you need a device running Android 2.x. The app is free, but apparently that is a limited time offer -- so expect Skyfire to start charging for its Android app at some point, as it does on iOS.

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