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Internet Explorer 9 beta 2 leaks, looks ready for launch

IE9 beta 2 leaked
The most recent build of IE9 -- beta 2 -- leaked onto the Web late last night. Judging by the version number and its performance, it looks like it features the same rendering and JavaScript engines found in Platform Preview 7.

As reported by WinRumors, there doesn't seem to be any significant change to the user interface. The download manager shows your current download speed without the need to mouse-over, but that's about it. It's now fairly safe to assume that Microsoft hasn't got any secret plans up its sleeve -- the UI you see now is almost certainly the real deal. If the final launch is in January, we can expect to see one more platform update in about 5 weeks, and then a final release towards the end of January.

I'm not going to give you a link to the IE9 beta 2 installer, but you can probably find it with a little searching on Twitter or Google. The installer is legit -- it's signed by Microsoft -- so you don't need to worry about malware of any variety.

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