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Upstart Facebook challenger Diaspora now sending out private alpha invites

The Diaspora blog announced today that private alpha invites are now being sent out. The invites are being rolled out slowly, first to those who donated to the project through Kickstarter, followed by people who have requested them at, which is the main website for the operation., at the moment, is still an ad-ridden, cash-parked domain masquerading as a "luxury travels" site.

Diaspora first entered the public eye earlier this year, and it's managed to stir up quite a frenzy despite the fact that no actual end-users have been able to use so much as a beta product yet. If nothing else, it's shown just how much the collective populace of the Internet has come to despise and distrust Facebook.

Back in September, Diaspora released a "pre-alpha" of their code for would-be developers and any other interested parties to comb through, and immediate reports were rife with complaints about pervasive security problems and poorly-written or just plain broken code. To that end, today's announcement comes with several disclaimers. The team at Diaspora, while asserting that they've used feedback from the pre-alpha to secure their code, says that security is still something that "could be better."

Before getting overly excited about these invites, users should note that Diaspora is not sending out invites to a new social network that can immediately replace Facebook accounts. Diaspora is sending out invites for people to test the alpha version of the code residing on the official test "pod" that's being run by the Diaspora team.

And because somebody needs to say it: It's whomever, not who.

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