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Acer to launch app store, will pre-load on PCs

acer alive
Our pals over at Engadget covered the Acer hullabaloo this morning, and there's one bit which blipped on the Download Squad radar. Yes, software aficionados, Acer is launching an app and content store.

It'll be called Alive, and you can't really blame Acer for the move -- they're a top-3 manufacturer selling millions of laptops and desktops every year. The opportunity to glean a few percentage points in commission for selling an app or album could amount to a significant revenue stream. Plus, there's the 'we're providing a convenience for our customers' angle. To the average computer user, finding, downloading, and installing quality apps remains a bit of a mystery. A curated store, of course, offers a solution that just about everyone is familiar with in 2010.

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