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Welcome to the new DownloadSquad

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When I helped launch DownloadSquad into cyberspace five years ago, our goal was to make the site a one-stop shop for news and reviews about applications you can download on your computer. Since then we've seen the rise of "web 2.0" applications -- or apps that run in your browser -- and the rise of mobile computing and apps on smartphones. In short, the tech landscape has changed quite a bit! Back in 2005 there was no Chrome, no iPhone, and web apps were only beginning to come into their own.

Today we're proud to announce a merge with Switched, AOL's go-to source for all sorts of tech news, from games to social networking to software. DownloadSquad will remain a source of news and reviews, and you'll still be able to find coverage on your favorite platforms. We're also ramping up coverage on mobile platforms, browser-based features and more. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out features and new series designed to keep you on top of tech every day.

As part of this merge let me personally thank the new editor-in-chief of DLS, Thomas Houston, without whose tireless efforts we simply could not have done this before 2011. If you've noticed increasingly better posting lately, it's because Thomas is dedicated to the highest quality reporting and DLS will continue to improve under his stewardship. Also, thanks to the people behind the scenes, including Brad Hill, Joshua Fruhlinger, Justin Glow, Richard Garner, Brett Terpstra and Erik Sagen. And, of course, a big thanks to all our hard-working Download Squad bloggers, both past and present.

The best is yet to come, with more video, news and reviews plus features and tools on the site. For now, enjoy the improved featured stories at the top of the page, better tools on the right side of the page, and a fresh, clean look on every page. New stuff to check out: a revised Share & Discuss module for sharing posts via e-mail and major social networks, new sourcing tools, redesigned video and gallery experiences, site-wide calendar-based archives and several new sidebar modules highlighting the best DLS has to offer. Once the dust has settled and the migration is complete, we'll have a full run-down of the features on the new DownloadSquad.

Finally, a huge thanks to all our fans at DownloadSquad -- we think you'll find even more to love as we go forward.

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