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TopWinPrio gives a priority boost to your focused application window

TopWinPrio's function is mashed right into its name. Once you launch the app, it hides in your system tray and automatically bumps the process priority of your foreground window. If you're focused on an app and working in it, it might as well have dibs on available CPU time, right?

Head to the options window, and you can set TopWinPrio to run at startup, boost Explorer processes, and change the update interval. You can also switch the default process priority from AboveNormal to High or Realtime (danger, Will Robinson!) Your mileage will may vary, of course, though I've found TopWinPrio to provide a nice shot in the arm for my Atom 270 netbook.

On my desktop and full-size laptop, however, I don't see myself switching from Process Lasso. It's much more configurable and offers a slew of additional features.

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