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Microsoft Kinect controlling Windows 7, exciting proof of concept

Kinect controlling Windows 7
While hackers were quickly developing open-source drivers for Microsoft's new, depth-sensing motion capturing Kinect, it seems like Microsoft has an official partner in the shape of Evoluce, the multi-touch gesture experts. In a video (after the break), you can see two people using Kinect and Windows 7 to rotate and zoom 3D models, paint on a canvas, and browse websites.

The video, for the most part, isn't particularly impressive, but as always it's a proof of very exciting concepts. Instead of two people playing with banal holiday snaps, imagine some kind of interface that can be manipulated by multiple people at the same time -- a war game, perhaps. If you had Kinect on top of your computer monitor, you could lean back in your chair and surf sites with tiny hand gestures, rather than controlling a mouse or keyboard -- sign me up!

The most exciting thing, though, is that -- hopefully -- the software won't be too expensive. With an open-source driver in the wild, Evoluce can't charge too much. It's obviously in Microsoft's benefit to sell Kinect directly to Windows 7 (and 8!) users, too, so the software might even be bundled!

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