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Firefox 4 UI update brings snazzy, new alert pop-ups

Lest you think blogger Long Zheng is all about Microsoft apps, our Australian friend has a keen eye on all kinds of bleeding-edge software. -- including Firefox 4. Today he noticed a change in the Firefox 4 nightly build -- sexier, semi-translucent alert dialogs, complete with a blur effect to obscure the webpage content in the background.

The new alerts fit well with Firefox 4's default Strata theme, and they definitely look nicer than those with the native Windows chrome. The blur effect is also a nice tweak, and it helps ensure your focus goes where it should when an alert box appears -- to the alert.

Download a nightly build of Firefox 4 to see the alerts in action. To test, just visit a page like this one and paste javascript:window.alert("Downloadsquad copypasta for testing shiny new Firefox 4 alerts") in your address bar and hit the enter key.

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