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The Economist comes to the iPhone and iPad, hopes to get a million readers in three years

The Economist iOS appsJoining many other print publishers, The Economist has just launched apps for iOS, PaidContent reports. There are two separate apps available, one optimized for the iPad, and one for the iPhone. Both contain all the material from the print editions, but there are no fancy UI effects here, compared to other magazines -- it's all nice and subtle touches to make the reading experience enjoyable. Articles are also available in audio form, if you'd rather listen instead of read.

Unlike other major print publications, The Economist has seen circulation grow -- so the move to digital distribution platforms is less important to its well-being in the short term. The intended target is to have reached one million digital subscribers in three years' time, and an Android app is reportedly in the making to help achieve that goal.

Reading digital copies of The Economist on the iPhone and iPad is included for print-and-website subscribers (for £102 per year) and for Web-only subscribers (who pay £99 per year for that privilege). You can also buy a single copy of the weekly for £3.49 (or $5.99 or €4.99). The initial app download is free and includes a whopping five free articles.

Download The Economist for iPhone from the iTunes App Store
Download The Economist for iPad from the iTunes App Store

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