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Google's beautiful HTML5 guide to the Web

20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web is a beautiful and educational example of what we can expect from the HTML5 Web. It was developed by the Google Chrome team to showcase both the power of its browser, and of HTML5 itself.

20 Things is fully illustrated, too, and on each page a cheesy subtitle or piece of poetry awaits. Put simply, it's a delight. If you're a hardened Web expert, spend a few minutes leafing through it to enjoy the HTML5esque features -- the offline storage, the page-turning, flipping the light switch in the bottom-right corner -- and then send the link to a friend or family member. Check the Google announcement if you want more details.

It's a damn sight better than Google's last attempt at an HTML5 showpiece, that's for sure. At least this one actually works with Firefox and Internet Explorer 9! It's a little bit slow with Opera, but there should be a hardware-accelerated beta version of Opera 11 any day now...

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