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Create a real book from your... Facebook

Have you ever wanted to save your everyday Facebook activity for posterity? Want to make a book out of your Facebook to show your grandkids one day? Well now you can, with a bit of help from the Ninuku Archivist and a printer. For the princely sum of 24 of your hard-earned bucks, if you can stomach the massive privacy risk, Ninuku will automatically download your Facebook activity and make monthly logs divided into book-friendly, chronological chapters for one whole year. The chapters can then be download in PDF form, or combined into annals of your choosing. All you need then is a printer and you can create your very own leather-bound, ready-for-the-grandchildren, Facebook book -- if indeed books still exist by then.

Of course being the modern, tech-savvy person you are, you could always distribute it as an e-book, call it your memoirs perhaps. I'm sure people would love to read your daily stream. Adrian Mole eat your heart out.

[via Valleywag]

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