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AirPrint on Mac OS X with Printopia and FingerPrint


With Apple pulling AirPrint support just before the release of Mac OS 10.6.5, an opportunity has opened up for developers to one-up Apple with third-party tools that can share your printers over Wi-Fi for your iOS 4.2 devices. Our Apple-crazed brothers and sisters over at TUAW have put two offerings, Printopia and FingerPrint, through their paces.

They found that both products essentially allow printers that don't support AirPrint natively to be made available for any iDevice running iOS 4.2, by modifying their Bonjour service broadcast to include an "AirPrint enabled marker." iOS 4.2 devices can then detect and print to most printers, but not all, mainly based on host-driver requirements.

The ten-dollar Printopia, however, takes things a step further, by sharing non-Bonjour-enabled, local USB-connected printers in the same fashion. Support for printers that are password protected and that can duplex print is also included. But that's not all, as Printopia also provides printing to PDF files on your Mac and direct-to-Dropbox file sharing, straight from the print dialog on iOS 4.2.

Whichever program you intend to test, the $7.99 FingerPrint or the $9.95 Printopia, you now have options other than modifying system files and implementing pre-release code to get your AirPrint on.

FingerPrint - $7.99 (free trial available)
Printopia - $9.95 (free trial available)

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