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IMDb for Windows Phone 7 reviewed, very yellow indeed (video)

As one of the highest-rated and most-downloaded WP7 apps, IMDb might just be the most popular yellow app in the world. It's a nice yellow, though, a golden, orangey tone. Anyway, I digress: IMDb for Windows Phone 7 is excellent. It provides, with a couple of flicks, everything a film buff might need.

In the video review (after the break), I take a quick stroll through each of IMDb's main features. If you set your location, you can see the movie screening times at local cinemas. Like the IMDb website, the app's prime focus is on exploring the details of movies (and TV shows), and the app certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard; the app might actually be better than the website! You can watch trailers, browse cast photos, check out related news -- it's fast, easy and pretty.

In many ways the app mirrors the website. You can browse the top 250 films, the bottom 100, the winners of the Best Picture Academy Award, this week's top movies and TV shows... and so on. It's so good in fact that, from now on, I'll be using the app instead of the website.

The only flaw with IMDb for WP7 is that you can't book cinema tickets directly. As far as I'm aware, not even Flixster for WP7 -- IMDb's chief rival -- offers this functionality. Needless to say, the first movie app to offer such a feature will decimate the competition.

The video review is after the break.

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