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Yahoo outs Messenger 11 beta with loads of new features

Yahoo! Messenger remains one of the most popular desktop IM clients around, and its users are now able to get a taste of what's coming in version 11. Like its biggest competition -- Windows Live Messenger -- Y! Messenger 11 is about creating a more current, social messaging app.

One of the biggest additions is Facebook chat support -- which works nicely, though former Squadder Brad Linder noted that Meebo thought I was offline. Twitter support has been added, and Messenger 11 also offers write-once-post-everywhere updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Pulse. More social gaming options have been added, and will soon include Zynga's Mafia Wars and Fishville. Yahoo! Messenger 11 also allows multiple sign-ins, so you won't get disconnected from your desktop if you sign in on your mobile device. Windows 7 users can change status, send messages, and sign in and out via Messenger 11's jump list.

In his announcement, Yahoo's John Dunning also has some good news for Android users. Yahoo! Messenger for Android will be updated soon with better video chat support. Currently, only users with an EVO or MyTouch 4G can utilize the feature, but additional handset support is on the way.

Download Yahoo! Messenger 11 beta for Windows

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