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Shortcut Manager for Chrome lets you execute JavaScript with hotkeys -- and more!


I've recently been spending more and more time in Chrome, and I'm very impressed. One of the things I needed was a way to execute arbitrary bits of JavaScript (bookmarklets and other tidbits) using keystrokes. This is useful because it lets me control Chrome using AutoHotkey, and do all sorts of other things.

The solution I found is called Shortcut Manager, and it's a Chrome extension that goes above and beyond what I need. It lets you assign hotkeys to execute existing browser operations (switch tabs, scroll, etc.), but also lets you paste in any bookmarklet code or other JavaScript for the hotkey to execute. You can also assign site-specific hotkeys -- meaning a certain hotkey would do something on one site, and something else (or nothing at all) on another site.

Last but not least, having worked so hard on your customizations, Shortcut Manager lets you easily export and import your settings (sync support would be a nice addition). This is a a must-have extension for me, and probably for other JavaScript-loving nerds as well.

Tags: addons, chrome, extensions, javascript, shortcut manager, ShortcutManager