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Gravity attempts to be the Pandora of the Web

Gravity Interest Graph

Gravity, a new company set up by three former MySpace executives, has just had its public launch at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The company's rather ambitious goal is to become the "Pandora of the Web," able to bring you the content it thinks you might be interested in based on your interests. To gauge what you might like to view, Gravity proposes to use your public social network feeds in order to create an "interest graph" and, from there, use a language model currently consisting of 100 million (!) phrases to distinguish how things fit together. For instance, "free throw" relates to "basketball," which in turn, relates to "sport" -- meaning you might like content revolving around sport.

First out the gate for Gravity is Twinterest, a product that can build-out an interest graph based on your tweets and then compare it with your friends. The Orbit, a personalized "Web newspaper" is also on the way, hoping to truly demonstrate Gravity's "this is what you might like" technology. The end game for Gravity, however, seems to be in the website personalization space, with the idea that you can land on your favorite site and hit a "personalization" button, which will bring highlighted content to the front, based on what you're likely to be interested in.

Interesting stuff, with serious potential, but other companies have been and gone attempting to do this kind of thing. Based on solid technology, but fighting an uphill battle for SEO against the force of nature, Gravity has a shot at making this work and has $10 million of venture capital behind them to do it. In the short-term, if you want to check out your "interest graph," then head on over to and check out Twinterest.

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