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Google Docs adds LaTeX support, customizable autocorrect

The official Google Docs blog has announced a handful of new features, including LaTeX equation support, the option to place images in spreadsheet cells, and automatic corrections.

LaTeX is a fairly significant addition, since it should greatly improve Google Docs' spreadsheet muscle. While that alone won't pull it even with Excel, it's certainly a step in the right direction. Image insertion is as also a nice addition, and it's as simple as popping image=(URL) into a cell. You can also use Google Image search to insert files which are marked for re-use with modification.

Autocorrect is an extremely handy addition -- especially since you can use it for more than fixing up typographical errors. Google allows you to add your own corrections, so you can also use Docs autocorrect as a text expander -- to turn ffx into Firefox, for example. Pair autocorrect up with Google Scribe, and it won't be long before Google just types your whole doc for you.

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