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Yahoo launches Mafia Wars and FishVille

Yahoo Pulse Mafia Wars

Yahoo has just launched Mafia Wars and FishVille, two games developed by Zynga, the company best known for FarmVille and its other games on the Facebook platform. In the past few months though, Zynga has shifted away from being tied exclusively to Facebook and has launched its games on Windows Live Messenger, MSN Games -- and now Yahoo.

Mafia Wars and FishVille will appear in Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Games, My Yahoo, Yahoo Pulse and Yahoo's browser toolbar. Starting the Zynga integration with just two games -- and not the most popular ones (where's FarmVille?) -- clearly means that Yahoo is in sort of a testing phase. If all goes well, expect to see more Zynga titles on Yahoo's properties soon.

[via TechCrunch]

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