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Browser Plus for Windows Phone 7 has tab support and incognito mode

Browser Plus for Windows Phone 7Browser Plus is a new application for Windows Phone 7 devices that brings tabbed browsing support and an incognito mode to Microsoft's Internet Explorer for WP7. This is not a new browser, mind you -- it uses IE's rendering engine and adds new features to it.

Tabs work exactly as you'd expect, and the tab bar is located between the address bar and the rendered page. Adding or closing a tab is done with the "+" or "X" signs that show up to the right of the tab bar. The incognito mode allows you to hide your browsing history, and there's even quick access to the search bar. A demo video of the app is available after the break, courtesy of WPCentral.

The two possible downsides for this app are that it only works in portrait mode for now, and that it's not free -- it costs $0.99. If neither of those is a dealbreaker for you, then search for Browser Plus in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and install it.

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