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Adobe Acrobat X Standard and Pro now available for trial and purchase

Adobe Acrobat X

Adobe's latest update to its professional PDF authoring solution, Acrobat X, is now available to download and purchase. Bringing Acrobat in line with the rest of the updated Adobe PDF universe, this update brings with it a couple of new program features and tighter integration into the working environment.

New guided 'Actions' allow you to automate repetitive tasks, and more importantly, share user created pre-defined routines across several users or computers. The use of Actions could enable an automated document creation system, implemented by experienced users or IT professionals, and made available for everyone else in the company. Adobe's also rolled in a bit of Microsoft SharePoint integration, featuring checking in and out of documents for review or editing, allowing better, more controlled document collaboration. PDF Portfolios also makes an entrance with unified layouts, visual themes and color palettes, helping maintain document uniformity similar to templates and color schemes in other Office suites. Speaking of Office, PDF files can now be saved as Word or Excel files for further editing, a nice feature if you want to send a document to a colleague without access to the Acrobat suite.

There's not a lot in there for your average user, but then again Acrobat X is aimed at institutions, business and education. Two versions of Acrobat X are now available, with Acrobat X Standard setting you back $299 standalone, or $139 upgrade, and Acrobat X Pro taking $449, or $199 for an upgrade, out of your budget. The Acrobat X Suite is expected to arrive by the end of the month for the not inconsiderable sum of $1199, or $799 for an upgrade. Ouch.

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