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Pulse News Reader for iPad, iPhone, and Android now free

Pulse for iPad now free

Pulse News Reader, the popular mobile news reader app for iOS and Android, is now going free across all platforms in an effort to grab more users and, as a consequence, content partnerships. Alphonso Labs, having secured sizable venture capital funding, is attempting to turn the app into a viable business. By providing a mobile optimized solution for content consumption, they hope to switch to a content partnership model. Content providers will be able to highlight particular pieces of content within Pulse for a fee and, in doing so, hopefully drive traffic to their site. While content viewed in Pulse doesn't directly benefit page views for producers, the theory is that Pulse readers are more likely to share articles and drive new readers to the original site. At the moment, Pulse will only display what's already freely available as feeds, but by forging partnerships in this way, Pulse hopes to go beyond that.

While it might mean that more content is made available through the innovative Pulse News Reader in the near future, the immediate consequence is that Pulse is now free across all stores. So if you haven't tried it out yet, get downloading!

Pulse News Mini for iPhone [iTunes] - Free
Pulse News Reader for iPad [iTunes] - Free
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