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Newswall is an artsy feed reader application


Apparently, Apple isn't the only company being emulated these days. Newswall is a feed reader that seems to be heavily influenced by Microsoft's tile-like Windows Phone 7 interface (Metro).

Newswall displays a long list of tiles, each with a striking image, and each tile represents one news item from an RSS feed. When you hover over an item, a bubble with a synopsis pops up. Clicking an image pops up a lightbox with a larger copy of that image -- and when you click an item's title, the whole interface "folds down" into a thin bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to read the original item in longer form. Note that this "longer form" is not necessarily the complete text of the item. Sometimes you'll see a Read more link which takes you to the original website.

Newswall is available as a downloadable application, but it's meant to be running on a Web server: you need to have at least a local server for it to work. It's not something I would use as a primary reader, but it can certainly add a bit of flair to someone's day.

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