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AOL Tech now supports Facebook Groups, makes office work more social

Facebook is making a major announcement on Monday, and while nothing is certain at this point it seems very likely that they could be unveiling Project Titan -- Facebook's take on Web-based email. Also a good bet: this new email platform will tightly integrate with, which Microsoft and Facebook opened to beta testers earlier this year.

With all the hubbub about email, an update on the blog went largely unnoticed -- and it's potentially huge news. now supports Facebook Groups, meaning you can easily share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with other group members. Collaboration can also be enabled, allowing users to edit each other's documents. The applications are manifold -- from a teacher sharing assignments with students (who probably all have Facebook accounts already) to groups like the Download Squad team sharing spreadsheets and slideshows.

Microsoft's Pat Kinsel calls Facebook Groups integration a "giant step toward our vision for social productivity." It's also a huge step in turning Facebook into something more than a place to play FarmVille, chat, and share party photos. If and Facebook continue their current course, the combined platform will become a formidable opponent for services like Zoho and Google Docs.

Facebook in the office? Administrators unblocking from their firewall boxes so staff can do work? The Crazy Train has left the station.

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