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VidCoder now rips Blu-Ray discs, too

VidCoder is a nice, little DVD ripper for Windows -- it provides a simple, streamlined interface, supports encoding presets, and uses Hanbrake's processing engine for the heavy lifting. One feature which was notably absent from the last version we covered was support for Blu-Ray discs. That has been added in version 0.7.0, and VidCoder is now better than ever.

One other nice feature VidCoder offers is automatic preview image creation. That's been tweaked as well, and you can now choose to create from 10 to 30 images via the options menu. The built-in previewer has also gotten more responsive (especially when displaying high-def content) thanks to the addition of memory and disk caching.

You'll need the .Net 4.0 framework to run VidCoder -- as well as an app to circumvent that bothersome copy protection on your discs.

Download VidCoder for Windows

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