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Skype for webOS 2.0 gets the hands-on treatment

One app I've been wishing for on my Palm Pre is Skype -- since I don't have a cellular plan on it, being able to place calls via Wi-Fi would be pretty handy. The good news is that it's on the way -- for webOS 2.0, anyway. Former Download Squadder Brad Linder got to spend some quality time with the app recently, and he's shared his initial impressions of Skype for webOS over at Mobiputing.

This is yet another one of those good news/bad news scenarios, unfortunately. Yes, Skype is coming to webOS. But it's apparently only coming to Verizon and only allows Skype-to-Skype and International calls via 3G or Wi-Fi. Domestic calls will be handled like regular calls and chew up your airtime.

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