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Facebook to launch alleged "Gmail killer" on Monday?


This morning, TechCrunch speculates that Facebook is going to launch a "Gmail killer" this coming Monday. Facebook has sent out invites to an event in San Francisco where they will supposedly announce it. Its working title is Project Titan, but it will probably change into something much more friendly for mass-consumption (let's just hope they don't call it "FaceMail" or something horrible like that).

Facebook already has a treasure trove of personal information and a huge messaging platform. If they throw email into the mix, this may become a real threat to Gmail. It would also make Facebook even "stickier" than it is – or provide people like me with one more reason to keep their distance from the privacy-invading behemoth.

[It's at times like these that I feel compelled to remind everyone that Hotmail and Yahoo both have more users than Gmail. A "Hotmail killer" would be far more impressive. -Ed]

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