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Dogfight 2 is an engaging, challenging Time-Waster


When I first looked at Dogfight 2, it didn't appear all that exciting. You have to shoot down the other planes – big deal, right?

But then the game started, and I really got into it! Gameplay is fantastic! The fact that it's a side-view game made me think that it would be just a simple shoot 'em up, but it isn't like that at all. At each level, you only have a few enemies and the field doesn't continuously scroll. Your enemies doggedly pursue you and you have to execute all sorts of crazy acrobatic maneuvers to get behind them and stay on their tail while you shoot them out of the sky.

One shot isn't enough, by the way -- you need to hit each enemy several times before it goes down. However, it's not one of those games where you just keep the trigger constantly depressed and spray a hail of bullets all over the place. You need to focus: fly first, shoot second.

You also receive points for acrobatic tricks, such as executing a nose dive and getting out alive, or flying extra-high. Later levels require dropping bombs on targets (such as a heavily-guarded zeppelin). It's quite an intense game!

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