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TryAgain for Firefox helps you with unreachable pages


A while back, I covered Fierr. That's a Firefox add-on with a nice visual appeal that makes Firefox keep retrying when it can't reach a certain address. It's pretty (if a huge Firefox logo meshes well with your aesthetic), but it's not all that clever.

TryAgain is kid of like Fierr's nerdy, dowdy sibling. It's not nearly as purty, but it does seem to be a bit smarter. Much like Fierr, TryAgain takes over when the browser can't reach a certain page.

However, unlike Fierr, TryAgain instantly checks "Down for everyone or just me?" and Uptime Auditor, and it lets you know if the trouble is localized for you, or whether the website is actually down. It also lets you access cached versions of the site in a single click, either through Google Cache or through the WayBack Machine.

And finally, of course, it periodically retries loading the page. So you can either get more functionality with a plainer look, or go for the pretty, somewhat less capable alternative. It all depends on what you value!

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