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Tap2It brings Googlesque Instant Search to Symbian

Tap2It instant search for SymbianGoogle has begun making Instant Search available to iOS and Android devices but other mobile platforms have yet to receive any support for the new search-as-you-type feature. One of the platforms that Google has ignored is the biggest mobile OS of them all: Symbian. But there is a solution.

is a free search app that uses Google search APIs and works on new Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. And, you guessed it, searches instantly pop up as soon as you start typing, and they're refined with each key you press -- just like with Google Instant. Tap2It pulls in Web and local results, images, and videos. To use the local search functionality, you set your location manually (by entering a city or Zip code) when you first run the app. Of course you can change this data whenever you want to. If a business listing shows up in the search results, and has a phone number attached to it, you can dial that number just by tapping it.

Because Symbian doesn't yet have a system-wide portrait QWERTY keyboard, Tap2It brings its own implementation of a portrait QWERTY, that works well enough, especially considering that the instant results system makes sure there isn't much typing to do. Note though that for some reason, the app only works in portrait mode for now.

Tap2It is a free download from the Ovi Store. A demo video of the app's features is waiting for you after the break.

[via Ovi Daily App]

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