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Bluefire Reader for iPhone and iPad lets you read public library e-books

Bluefire Reader screenshot

Bluefire Reader is an e-reader app for the iPhone and iPad that, along with letting you read e-books in EPUB and PDF formats, has a unique twist compared to its competitors -- support for Adobe DRM. Not only that, but starting today, it supports the unique DRM used by public libraries, so you can download free e-books from hundreds of public library websites, transfer them to your iDevice using iTunes, then read them in BlueFire reader. Previously, such e-books could not be read on an iPhone or iPad.

Intrigued yet? Interested even? Then head on over to Mobiputing for the detailed instructions on how to pull this off. Don't let the number of steps overwhelm you -- once you get the hang of it, you'll be transferring public library e-books to your iPhone or iPad in no time.

One thing to note is that the e-book services of public libraries behave pretty much like their paper book services -- a loan is only good for three weeks. After that time has passed since your download, you won't be able to read the book anymore. Also, each library only has a limited number of licenses for each e-book -- exactly like they only have a limited number of actual books on their real shelves. Once one license expires, someone else can use it. Sounds like a rather absurd system for the digital world, but hey, at least reading the books is free.

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