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WriteMonkey Version 2 Preview 1 is now out, with added pizzazz


WriteMonkey is the best full-screen text editor available for Windows today. There, I said it. And now, the first preview for Version 2 has been released, with a whole bunch of enhancements and goodies:

  • Info bar colors: WriteMonkey has a very handy infobar at the bottom (or top) of the screen, showing all sorts of text statistics, as well as the current time. You can now easily make this bar "inverted", i.e, use the background color for the text of the bar, and the text color for the background of the bar. This is really simpler than it sounds.
  • New Text Statistics: When you hit F12, you can see a whole bunch of data about your text. How many characters, words, sentences, etc. Version 2 also lets you see how many unique words you've used, how many hard words (3 or more syllables), lexical density, Gunning fog index, and even approximately how long it would take to read your text.
  • File-based attributes: When you set a writing target ('I will write 500 words this session') it now gets saved to the specific file you're working with, as an NTFS attribute. So you can set different targets for different files.

There are lots of other improvements. This is a preview release, so I haven't upgraded my "main" version yet (the one with which I'm writing this post), but when the stable version comes out, I definitely plan on upgrading.

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