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SugarSync ups free storage to 5 GB, now allows any number of connected devices

SugarSync 5 GB free

SugarSync has announced that users of its basic, free plan will now get 5 GB of storage 'in the cloud'. Previously, that limit was 2 GB -- a limit that its main competitor, Dropbox, still has. The free 5 GB plan includes unlimited device support, and, as before, you can sync any folder(s) you wish across computers (Windows and Mac) and smartphones running iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry OS.

New SugarSync users will get the increased capacity immediately, while existing users' limit will become 5 GB over the next day or so. A couple of weeks ago also upped the storage quota in its free plan to 5 GB, while Microsoft's Live Mesh 2011 has also been offering 5 GB for sync since it came out of beta. Therefore, it certainly looks like 5 is the new 2 in cloud storage and sync. Dropbox, your move.

[We actually have a SugarSync give-away coming up later today, stay tuned!]

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