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Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Beta update brings more improvements

Microsoft has pushed an update to Security Essentials 2, which is currently in beta testing. While there aren't a vast number of forward-facing changes, there is one important one: the re-introduction of context menu scanning. Once again, you can right-click any file on your system to quickly check it for infection with MSE.

When Security Essentials 2 is finally released, it will include heuristic abilities, which will allow it to detect malware that has not yet been added to its definition files. Symantec recently took a shot at MSE because of its dependence upon definitions, saying "Unique malware and social engineering attacks fly under the radar of traditional signature-based technology alone – which is what is employed by free security tools such as Microsoft's."

They'll no doubt be glad to know that Security Essentials 2 will be adding both behavior checking and tighter Web browser integration to its already strong defense system. MSE2 will also continue to be free, despite adding those new features.

Intrepid types can download the Security Essentials 2 beta from Microsoft Connect -- you'll need a Live account to get in, of course.

Thanks for the tip, Sean!

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