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Get Google Voice alerts on Windows 7 with GVNotifier

We love a good app with Windows 7 shell integration features -- like GVNotifier. It's a slick little Google Voice notification and messaging app with jump list and progress indicator support. Install the app, log in to your account, and you've got slide-up access to contacts, call history, and voice mail messages. GVNotifier even lets you send SMS messages to your Google Voice contacts right from your desktop -- and you can pin favorite contacts to the list for faster access.

You can even make GVNotifier portable if you like -- simply create a settings.xml file in the same directory as and it's ready to drop on your USB flash drive. The app will also run on Windows XP and Vista systems, though you'll need the .Net 3.5 framework installed.

Over at CyberNet News
, Ryan Wagner's only real gripe with GVNotifier is how it handles contacts with multiple phone numbers. They're not displayed individually, so you have to click through each entry until you find the one you're after.

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