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Skype for Android now faster and available on smaller screens

Not everyone who owns an Android smartphone has a glorious 4-inch Super AMOLED display in his or her pocket. Lower-priced devices like the HTC Wildfire have brought budget-conscious shoppers into the Android fold, too. But there's a downside to a device with a smaller screen: not all of the big name apps will run on them.

If you've been cursing under your breath about the fact that you can't run Skype, for example, your mutterings have been answered! Skype has announced in an official blog post that Skype for Android v 1.0.1 now supports devices with 240x420 and 320x240 resolutions.

The new version also includes support for your hardware 'back' key, and it's both smaller and faster than previous Skype for Android releases. Skype also now consumes less power if you leave it idling on your device.

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