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Panda demands ballot screen for Windows security software, forgets they're already on one

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Straight out of the "you knew it was coming" files, PC Pro is reporting the first public call for a security software ballot in Windows. Panda echoes the shouts from Trend Micro, who were the first to cry foul over Microsoft's recent decision to offer Security Essentials to unprotected Windows users as an optional Windows Update download.

Panda's Luis Corrons told PC Pro, "There should be a list of a number of security software packages out there - including Microsoft, of course - and then let the user make the choice."

Corrons, obviously, has forgotten about the fact that they're included on Microsoft's Consumer Security Software Providers page -- to which the balloon in my screenshot sends you when you click it. Ed Bott made mention of this when he blogged about MSEgate last week, and notes that the ordering is randomized. Can't get much more fair than that.

The notfication to download MSE via Windows update is almost invisible when compared to the system tray alert. In fact, it doesn't even mention MSE specifically -- only that "optional updates are available." If a user doesn't click through, they'll never know that MSE is being offered.

The system tray notification, however, pops up much more prominently. There's no denying that a user is much more likely to click it than to find MSE buried in the Windows Update screens. And once a user has installed a recognized antivirus app, Panda's gripe becomes moot -- because MSE is only offered to users who haven't been on-the-ball enough to install a similar app already.

Beyond that, we also know how effective the browser ballot has been at shifting market share -- so clearly Panda wasn't paying attention to that news, either. My advice to Panda: make good software and make sure people know about it. Howling about unfairness when it doesn't really exist just makes you look foolish.

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