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Viewfinder - a Mac app for finding the right image on Flickr

If you're a blogger, a designer, or just someone who uses a lot of images from Flickr, you might want to check out ViewFinder. ViewFinder is a Mac app that offers speedy searches of Flickr, using tags, titles and descriptions. It even lets you limit your search to Creative Commons-licensed images, and automatically generates attributions for you, so you can properly credit the work you download.

Viewfinder also has Keynote integration (for Keynote '08 and above), for folks who like to use Flickr photos in their presentation slides. You can drop Flickr photos right into Keynote with no mess, instead of downloading and opening the files and trashing them when you're done.

Viewfinder carries a £15 introductory price -- that's roughly 25 US dollars -- but it could easily be worth the cost for people whose workflows depend heavily on Flickr. If you want to test it out, the free demo has no time limit, but it only allows 2 downloads per launch, and it delays each download by 30 seconds.

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