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Spotify Premium seven-day trial now available

has started making a seven-day trial of its Premium subscription available. Spotify Premium is a paid subscription that gives you access to all the top notch features such as higher quality audio, ad-free listening, mobile access, and offline mode for both desktop and mobile.

The free trial does come with caveats though. First off, you'll have to enter your payment details when you sign up for it. Then, if you don't manually cancel the subscription before the trial runs out, it will automagically turn itself into a full blown Spotify Premium subscription and you will be billed once when the trial expires and then every month on the same date. Another catch (but this is true for subscribing to Spotify Premium in general) is that your credit card must have been issued in the country you've set in your Spotify profile.

If you can get past these issues, the trial does provide the full Spotify Premium experience and isn't limited in any way. You can sign up for the free seven-day trial here.

[via Macworld]

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