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Hotmail adds full-session SSL for more secure webmail

Even average users are a bit more in-tune when it comes to security and privacy on the Web nowadays (thanks in part to the recent Firesheep business). As Sebastian pointed out, there's a simple solution: browse using HTTPS whenever possible.

There's a minor problem with that fix, however. Many sites log you in via an SSL-encrypted connection but then immediately redirect you to an insecure page -- which could expose users to unnecessary risk. If you're a Hotmail user, however, LiveSide has spotted an update to your webmail service that will help keep your data safe: full-session SSL. Microsoft had announced in June that full-session SSL support would be coming, and now any user can opt-in to the feature by visiting and clicking the button shown above.

What does that mean? In essence, it means that from the moment you sign in to the moment you sign out, all of your activity on Hotmail is served via HTTPS and protected by SSL. If you're using Hotmail on a public computer or unfamiliar wireless network, full-session SSL is the best way to access your account.

Gmail, of course, has had this feature for a few years -- but it's certainly a good thing to see Microsoft providing a more secure access option to Hotmail's 300+ million users.

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