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The Trader of Stories is a beautiful point-and-click Time-Waster


If you've been following the time-wasters that I've been writing about, you may know that I'm not a huge fan of the point-and-click puzzle genre. Give me physics games or something with explosions, and I'm good. Puzzles usually just make me frustrated.

But when I started playing The Trader of Stories, it really drew me in. It's not a lengthy game, and it's not very difficult. What I found most impressive about it was the artwork – this is a very well-made game. All of the scenes have a hand-drawn feel to them, and there are no animations (except for when you pick something up, and then it "hovers" to your inventory).

The plot evolves as the game goes on, but basically you're playing a girl in a fantasy-themed world. She's on her way to the mountains, and her carriage breaks. She has to go into a nearby town to find someone to fix the wheel, and that's how the story begins.

Despite the somewhat suggestive screenshot, the game appears to be completely SFW – that is, if you're actually allowed to play any Flash games at work...

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