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Skyfire is back in the App Store, made available 'in batches'

Skyfire for iOS screenshot
Skyfire, the new Flash video-capable browser for iOS which Sam reviewed yesterday, is back in the iTunes App Store. It was pulled by its developers a couple of days ago due to problems their transcoding servers had trying to cope with increased traffic demand. It looks like in the mean time they've managed to find a few more servers to shoulder the load and are now slowly making the app available again to eager, hungry-for-Flash iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

The only caveat is that they're doing the release 'in batches', which means that even though some people have already managed to snag it, you may not see it in the App Store just yet. So keep trying -- as the company builds anticipation in a PR stunt probably meant to make people forget why the app was pulled in the first place.

Good luck then.

[via TUAW]

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