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November 5th bonus time-waster: Guy Fawkes Adventures


Remember, remember, the fifth of November!

If you celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, liked V for Vendetta, or even if you're just extremely bored, you might get a (modest) kick out of Guy Fawkes Adventures. It's a simple puzzler where you push barrels around to their designated positions. When all barrels are in place, there's a resounding BOOM and you're transported to the next level.

Each level gets a code, and you can enter the level code to jump right to the level where you left off. And yes, the screenshot contains the code for level 2 – I saved you a whole level!

As you might have gathered from looking at that screenshot, this isn't exactly a masterpiece of computer graphics. That's simply because there's a serious dearth of Guy Fawkes-themed Web games. If you know of a good one, share it in the comments!

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