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Gmail gets five new themes which emphasize usability, fun


The Gmail team has just announced five new themes for Gmail:

  • Basic Black: Shown above, it's a bare bones high-contrast theme; it's actually quite soothing.
  • Basic White: It's the same as Basic Black, only in white.
  • Android: This one seems like kind of a shameless marketing move (where's the "iPhone" theme?), but it's really a nice theme. You get a subtle circuit-board pattern up top, with a tiny Android hanging off of the Chat pane. It's very reminiscent of the Android theme for Google Chrome.
  • Tree Tops: It's exactly what it sounds like. You get a bunch of foliage in the header, and the whole thing is very green. It's not particularly exciting.
  • Marker: This theme takes a highlighter to Gmail. It basically makes it look as if the Chat window and various headers are just "markered in" by hand. This one is actually the coolest – I think I'll be keeping it.

The themes are already available for both Gmail and Google Apps users. Try them out, and if you can't decide you can always just click Random at the bottom right corner!

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